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hccThe Florida Advanced Technological Education Center (FLATE), a National Science Foundation Center of Excellence in high-technology manufacturing, is the go-to organization for manufacturing and advanced technical education, best practices and resources supporting the high performance skilled workforce for Florida’s manufacturing sectors. FLATE provides exemplary industry partnerships, workforce opportunity, and educational synergy throughout the state of Florida by connecting industry and workforce needs to targeted educational endeavors at many community and state colleges across Florida.

 Made in Florida

headerFLATE has built a web portal for students in middle and high schools where they can learn about the wonderful, profitable opportunities in considering manufacturing as a career choice. Every day, we enjoy things that many people don’t realize were made in Florida. Behind every product and technology we use, there is a world of manufacturing. Today, in Florida, more than 14,000 different companies and 355,000 people work in the manufacturing field. The site has areas of information and resources for students, educators and industry.  Visit MadeInFlorida.org

Manufacturing Day 2016

Mark Your Calendar for 2016 MFG Day 

Friday October 7, Manufacturing Day 2016, is a BIG day and is just around the corner! Do you have a plan? We at MIF-300x250rFLATE do as we are excited to be planning for another BIG year of student tours to manufacturing facilities all across Florida. Why do we do this? To answer this question, it might be time to step back and reflect on what the “hype” is all about. For us at FLATE, it’s not necessarily about having the highest numbers of “events” in a state (although we love that when it happens and it has happened for the past three years!). It’s really all about providing our students with a rich and meaningful career exploration experience. Manufacturing Day has also been a great way to bring national attention to the industry in our state that directly supports nearly 400,000 Floridians with high wage, high skill jobs and careers. It also has been a great way to bring parents and communities across Florida together to learn about the manufacturing industry and its huge impact on our state’s economy.

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FLATE Educator Resources #FLMfgMonth16

FLATE promotes the following “recipe” for successful “Made in Florida” student tours, and has compiled a number of resources for educators and students

More Information at: www.mfgday-fl.com and www.flate.pbwiki.com.

Join us in the celebration! Start with a tour of our websites where you will find Florida-specific resources and information: www.mfgday-fl.com and www.flate.pbwiki.com. Download a high resolution image file of our logo here; and a Printable MFG DAY-FL posterL24’x36”) here.

MFG Day Contacts:

  • Dr. Marilyn Barger, 813.259.6578/barger@fl-ate.org
  • Danielly Orozco, 813.259.6575/orozco@fl-ate.org
  • Janice Mukhia, 813.259.6581/mukhia@fl-ate.org
  • Jesse Kokotek, 813.259.6541/kokotek@fl-ate.org
  • Joyce Johannson (joyce.johannson@floridamakes.com), FloridaMakes
  • Elizabeth Vocke (evocke@thinkcreativeinc.com), MFG Alliance of Hillsborough County

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2016 Manufacturing Day

NEW! Women in Manufacturing Video

focusSummer 2016 Professional Development Opportunities

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Advanced Manufacturing Summer Institute for ROBOTICS


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“Made in FLORIDA 2015: What’s Made in Your Backyard?” (Teacher’s Guide & Student Handouts)

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