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The MSSC System awards the Certified Production Technician (CPT) certification to new and incumbent workers who pass the four manufacturing-related modules: Manufacturing Processes and Production; Quality Assurance; Maintenance Awareness; and Safety.  Applicable to all sectors of manufacturing,  the MSSC System has the potential to certify millions of production workers against industry-recognized, federally-endorsed standards.



MSSC certified FLATE personnel:

Certified Production Technicians:

  • Marilyn Barger
  • Alex Anzalone



MSSC Skills Standards



MSSC Skills Standards

FLATE has embedded the MSSC Skills Standards into the Engineering Technology A.S./A.A.S. Technical Core.  The ET Core consists of 18 credit hours and covers the following 6 areas: CADD, Electronics, Measurements, Processes, Quality, Safety.  Once completing these courses. students in the ET Degree program can earn an 18 credit hour college certificate. They will also be prepared to take the MSSC skills tests, so can earn the national certification as well.

Additionally, FLATE crafted the statewide articulation agreement that provides articulation of 15 credits of the ET Core (Electronics, Measurements, and Processes, Quality, and Safety) to the A.S./A.A.S. Engineering Technology Degree anywhere in the state.  To further enhance this pathway, FLATE is currently (in conjunction with the Florida Department of Education and their industry working group) developing a new secondary program curriculum framework that is aligned with the MSSC skills standards. 

The articulation agreement allows high school students currently enrolled in Career and Technical Education programs in related areas that are aligned with MSSC Skills to have those credits applied to an ET Degree anywhere in the state.  Typically, the 15 credits are held in escrow until graduation or residency requirements and the students must still meet all other college entrance and graduation requirements.  Since the articulation is based on competencies in the certification, it is applicable to anyone holding a current MSSC CPT certification.

In addition to keeping curriculum aligned with current industry skills requirements, this articulation agreement also supports the Perkins IV accountability measures and the Florida CAPE (Career and Professional Education) legislation.  (http://www.fldoe.org/workforce/fcpea/ ) in manufacturing and related technical programs.

Development of the MSSC’s industry-led, federally-endorsed standards and subsequent assessment involved a public-private investment of some $9 million and the participation of over 700 companies, 4,000 workers, and 300 subject matter experts.

FLATE personnel participated as subject matter experts in the reviewing the test questions and establishing cut (pass) scores during the 2007-2008 academic year.

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