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Presented to over 200 teachers and educators

  • Florida Technology Education Association Conference
  • Florida Engineering Education Conference
  • Guidance Counselor’s Career Connections
  • Professional Development Day –Tech Teachers
  • Engineering Expo—University of South Florida


“I loved the “Teamwork” activity and so did my students. If possible, I hope you will add more such activities to help keep middle schoolers’ interest high.”

Beki Lievestro, Hill-Gustat Middle School, Sebring, FL


sTEm at Work

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Lesson Plans


Made in Florida Lesson Plans

Looking for a new way to engage your students? 

Watch the new FLATE video about the Made in Florida Lesson Plans and Resources

Challenge them to design their own LUXURY Coach, come up with a NEW appealing juice container, put together CUSTOM guitar strings, and much more with the Made in Florida Lesson Plans.  Each lesson uses hands on activities that engage students with real-world scenarios relevant to companies today. 


All Lessons include:


  • Lesson plan
  • Reference sheet
  • Answer sheet
  • Grading rubric
  • Presentation or Video (if applicable)



  • Lesson plan or instructions scenario 
  •  Handouts needed for the lesson


Just choose you classroom level and be ready to have fun with MIF Lesson plans

All materials are available online at,
making them accessible for teachers 24/7.

Easy access instructions are here (pdf).

Current Presentations and Lessons:
High School Level - 11 MIF Lesson Plans
  • Container Design Part 1-Design.
  • Container Design  Part 2-Shipping.
  • Container Design Part 3-Distribution
  • Design a Tour Bus
  • Safety & Personal Protective Equipment
  • What’s A Matter? (lessons updated  & new presentation)
  • Measurement & Precision
  • Chocolate Lessons 1 &2 (new)
  • Pseudocode
  • Office Architecture Design
  • Made in Florida Industry Tour
Middle School Level - 13 MIF Lesson Plans
  • Container Design Lesson Plan
  • Strings that Sing
  • Safety & Personnel Protective Equipment
  • Design a Tour Bus
  • Measurement & Precision
  • U Fix it
  • What’s a Matter?
  • Chocolate Lessons 1 &2 (new)
  • Made in Florida Scavenger Hunt
  • Pseudocode
  • Made in Florida Industry Tour

Career and Education Planning ( in support of House Bill 7087 (A++) )


  • “How it’s Made…a Career”
  • “Take a Road Trip”
  • “Exploring High Tech Careers”
  • “I didn’t know that..was Made in Florida”
  • “Workplace Skills-The Toothpick Factory”