Praise for HSTI


This was one of the most useful resources I’ve encountered at any of the workshops I’ve attended. The material on the CD was immediately useful, well organized, and fit nicely into my curriculum.”

Kyo Narita, Teacher
Lyman Memorial
High School ,
Storrs, CT


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High School Technology Initiative



High School Technology Initiative

The goal of HSTI is to attract and retain more high school students in science and technology career paths. The objective is to engender an interest in pursuing technology, engineering, or science related careers by providing students with connections between technology and its underlying science as part of their normal state mandated science instruction.

The FLATE Team continues the HSTI tradition of offering both ½ and 1 full day of professional development for  faculty and teachers on what HSTI modules include, module CD navigation, resources, and additional depth and breadth on the technologies covered in the modules.  Contact us at for more information or to plan a HSTI MUG (Module Users Guide) Workshop in your area.

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Teacher Resources

Problem Solving
Each unit includes assessment tools, PowerPoint presentations, video, handouts, activities, and worksheets
  • 8 Tenets of problem solving
  • Accuracy and precision
  • Significant figures
  • Scientific notation
  • Unit conversions
The Atom
Each unit includes assessment tools, PowerPoint presentations, videos, handouts, activities, and worksheets
  • Structure
  • Spectroscopy
  • History
  • Quantum theory
  • Nuclear reactions
  • Applied math

Number of teachers trained at HSTI Workshops