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HAS 200 training systems were installed at the Pilot schools over a 12 month period in 2003 – 2004. The community college pilot group partners are currently using the training system in a variety of classes and developing a common curriculum for technician level courses using the HAS 200.

The group has met regularly since 2001 with and without the project’s industry partners in an ongoing effort for continuous improvement of the system and its curriculum as well as for professional development.





















In 2001, SMC International Training, Inc., Intel, and the NSF supported Maricopa Advanced Technological Education Center (MATEC) partnered to develop a technician training platform for highly automated production systems. It must have broad but significant applications in a variety of high tech industries including micro, mims, and nano device fabrication, aerospace subsystem manufacturing, thin film and optics production, biomedical device material handling, and highly automated cargo transport control and monitoring systems. Thirteen educational institutions in the seven states joined this coalition. These educational institutions participated with industry partners in the conception of and ultimate realization of the HAS 200 (Highly Automated System) Training Platform. The Pilot group is facilitated and coordinated by MATEC which supports a web repository of curriculum materials in various stages of development, an issues forum, and equipment and software support documentation.

The HAS 200 offers a realistic, hands-on experience in automated manufacturing for students and working technicians.  It does this by simulating an automated manufacturing process by modeling key work-in-progress stages at 11 hands-on stations. The “product” produced by the system is simple in concept and consists of raw material (polyethylene feedstock beads of three different colors) that is sorted, weighed, containerized and uniquely labeled for different customer requirements. This ingenious system allows scenario designers to model situations of lots of varying specifications.

Specifically, the HAS 200 manufactures containerized products consisting of beads of multicolor, yellow, red or blue.  Basically, the system fills the container with the product color and quantity required by the order.  The container includes a bar code label that makes the product traceable and a color label that identifies the product color.  The HAS200 can manufacture 19 different products; each consisting of a container filled with either red, yellow, or blue plastic beads (or any combination of the colors) in total amounts of 15, 30, or 45 grams.  The HAS 200 has two modes of operations manual and automatic. 


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