What is Sustainable Manufacturing?

Sustainable manufacturing is defined as the creation of manufactured products that use processes that are non-polluting, conserve energy and natural resources, and are economically sound and safe for employees, communities, and consumers.


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Short Courses and Training


FLATE offers 1-3 day short courses on technical topics appropriate for industry and working professionals.  Please contact us for more information and scheduling a course to meet your needs.


Current offerings:


Lean Maintenance Technician Program


  • This course is designed to give students a good understanding of Lean Manufacturing and how it relates to the maintenance department.
  • The course is designed as a consultative instructional format. Students will participate in a Lean Maintenance project throughout the duration of the course giving them direct hands-on experience with selecting and managing a lean maintenance project.
  • The course is taught in both a classroom and on-line environment limiting the students time away from their work responsibilities.


Basic Programmable Logic Controllers

This 2-day course is designed to give students a good understanding of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's). This course places a heavy emphasis on understanding the logic and operation of the PLC. The course also typically covers installation and troubleshooting.

Typical Students:

  • Technicians
  • Electricians
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Engineers
  • Operators
  • Managers and Supervisors