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Spring into Action with FLATE’s Summer Camps and Workshops!

Last month we talked about evaluation from a high level. With summer right around the corner, FLATE is
working hard getting ready for our summer programs for students and faculty.¬† One aspect of that is how our projects and activities impact student learning. We try to get a handle on this by administering a pre and post survey for all campers about some of their experiences with science, technology, engineering and math skills, and knowledge they will encounter during the camp as well as information about career pathways in manufacturing. We also survey parents after six months asking if their children’s interests change (for instance, more interested in STEM subjects and activities). It’s certainly challenging to get this information back with all of us very busy,¬†however, every bit that we do get back helps to piece together an impact “story” of our student camp activities. For our professional development workshop, we ask teachers how, when and where they will be able to use the materials, resources and information in their classrooms as well as what they actually learned. Surveying participants and reviewing what they say are important parts of our evaluation and continuous improvement efforts (that I talked about last month).

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